I take this opportunity to address our students to emphasize yet again the importance of quality education .When asked how educated men ware superior to the undereducated,Aristotle answered,'As much as the living is to the dead'.

The importance of education is quite clear. Needless to mention that education is vital in making our ambitions and dreams come true.It opens the door of brilliant career opportunities and fetches better prospects in career and growth. Education is the key that allows people to move up in the world,seek better jobs and ultimately succeed in the life.

In this connection,I would like to exhort our students to pay more attention towards improving proficiency in English. Many students are not aware of the fact that high proficiency in English is the pre-requisite for securing the high position jobs. So try to equip yourself with necessary skills and come up in life.

Wish you all the best.

Mr. Mohammed Fathe Khaleq