Q. How efficient and effective is your placement service?
 This can be understood from the fact that even though we are in our fourth year, we have received good response from various organizations like G.E., Satyam, who have come for campus selections to our college. They were quite impressed by the performance of our students, many of whom were selected.

Q. 1 would like my ward to join an institution that not only concentrates on academics but also on extra-curricular activities. Where does your college fare in this area?
Then NIET is the right place for your ward, because we lay stress on academics as well as co- and extra curricular activities like debates, group discussions, essay competitions, apart from games and sports. We also have a wall journal to encourage creative activities among our students. A Science Exhibition is held every year to discover and encourage hidden talent among students. We also train students in developing a comprehensive and well rounded personality by teaching them soft skills and also enhancing their emotional intelligence.

Q. How is the atmosphere in your college?
 The overall atmosphere is congenial and friendly. The campus is well located in idyllic surroundings and is well landscaped with ample play grounds and sports facilities.

Q. Ragging is rampant in professional colleges. How do you deal with this issue?
We are very particular about this issue, Ragging is prohibited in the campus and anyone found indulging in it will be dealt seriously. The action taken will be severe and swift.

Q. How strong is your teaching faculty? 
 The teaching faculty forms the backbone of any educational institution. Our teaching faculty stands out prominently. We have very highly qualified and experienced teachers, fulfilling the AICTE and JNTU norms.